today I turned 17 and I feel very different from one year ago a lot of things have changed for me but I think that is very good

while I was 16 I finally learned how to be confident and positive about myself, I saw some amazing concerts and gained tons of new experiences; I have no regrets not like usual I feel good about who I was this year.

I made new friends and created wonderful bonds with old friends. thanks Annie though especially for always being my best friend and calling me out on my bullshit and making me laugh and just being wonderful.

and, of course, thank you Jake for spending yet another year with me: I know I am difficult and even though you say I deserve better it’s really you love that does, but I love you to death and you’ve really helped me this year.

I’ve just had a good run being 16, better than I thought, and I think 17 is gonna be really great too honestly even though I’m starting to get anxious about growing up I just have a good feeling about my life and things are really gonna be good for me. 


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